President Clinton Pays Tribute To Earl Hutchinson, Sr., Living Black History Maker

On Sunday, February 13, at Noon at Holman Methodist Church in Los Angeles, Earl Hutchinson, Sr. will receive a tribute from President Clinton as a living black history maker. He is the oldest black American ever to write his autobiography, A Colored Man?s Journey Through 20th Century Segregated America (Middle Passage Press, February 2000). Hutchinson has seen the election of every president in the 20th Century.

Following the tribute Hutchinson will discuss and sign his book. He will give an account of many of the persons that he knew and the events he witnessed. They include: Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Duke Ellington, Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr., the treatment of black troops during World War I and II, black life during the Depression, the battle over segregated housing, the Brown school desegregation case, the March on Washington Movements 1941, and 1963, the passage of all the civil rights bills this century, the black cultural scene in Chicago in the 1930s and 1940s.

In the proud tradition of the book by the Delaney Sisters, Having Our Say, Hutchinson tells what it was like to eyewitness all the landmark events and know many of the leading figures that shaped the political, social, and cultural events for African-Americans in the 20th century.